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Cat TagsCat Tags - A small site about cat tags and collars. There are pages devoted to cat collars, cat ID tags, personalized cat collar, fancy cat collars, safe cat collars, designer cat collars, rhinestone cat collars and pewter cat tags.

Rhinestone cat collars are the luxurious choice if you want your cat to stand out from the crowd. Rhinestone cat collars are available from East Side Collection and Rhinestone Dog Collars.Net.

Rhinestone & Pearl Cat Collars

Rhinestone Cat Collars, Rhinestone and Pearl Cat Collars (Click to enlarge)
Rhinestone & pearl cat collars
Price: $19.00

Pamper the cat in your life with one of these rhinestone and pearl cat collars. You can choose from pink or blue rhinestones on pink or blue nylon or pearls on black nylon. They are offered in a 3/8" width and come in lengths of 8-10" and 10-12". They are made with safety release elastic and a jingle bell finishes off the look.

East Side Collection Rhinestone Cat Collars

A sparkling row of rhinestones adds a touch of class to these nylon collars and gives any cat a glamorous look. Adjustable 3/8"W collars adjust to fit necks 8"-12". Black plastic safety buckles breakaway if collar becomes snagged.

Rhinestone Cat Collars, East Side Collection Rhinestone Cat Collar (Click to enlarge)
East Side Collection rhinestone cat collars Price: $2.29

Includes a color-coordinated jingle bell. The rhinestone cat collar is available in black, blue, pink, white and red nylon.

All prices are indicative US prices at June 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Paw Printz - The rhinestone & pearl cat collars featured on this page can be bought online here. International delivery available. www.pawprintzpetboutique.com

PetEdge - East Side Collection rhinestone cat collars can be purchased online from this website. International delivery available. www.petedge.com

Rhinestone Dog Collars.Net - The Pink summer's day rhinestone dog & cat collar featured on this page can be bought here. International delivery available. www.rhinestonedogcollars.net

Pink Summer's Day Rhinestone Dog & Cat Collar

Rhinestone Dog Collars.Net offers custom made rhinestone dog collars and cat collars. They use top quality crystal glass rhinestones and create their own designs. All collars are nylon and have a regular buckle and leash hook. The rhinestones are glued on with the strongest jewellery glue available.

Rhinestone Cat Collars, Pink Summers Day Rhinestone Dog And Cat Collar (Click to enlarge)
Pink summer's day rhinestone dog & cat collar
Price: $26.95 - $72.95

Your pet will be the talk of the town in one of these ritzy collars! This pink polka dot collar is 5/8" wide. It has white and pink crystals. Also included is the rhinestone buckle as well as the pink jewelled bow. A real dazzler!

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