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Cat TagsCat Tags - A small site about cat tags and collars. There are pages devoted to cat collars, cat ID tags, personalized cat collar, fancy cat collars, safe cat collars, designer cat collars, rhinestone cat collars and pewter cat tags.

Cat ID tags like the Buddy Cat pet ID tag and FasTags pet ID can be marked or engraved with your personalized information and attached to your cat's collar.

Buddy Cat Pet ID Tag

The Buddy Tag offers your cat a safe alternative to a traditional hanging ID tag. Note. Collar not included.

Cat ID Tags, Buddy Cat Pet ID Tag
Buddy Cat Pet ID Tag  Price: $6.95

    A New Idea in Cat ID Tags!
  • Safer than a hanging tag
  • Easy-to-read-label
  • Any pen or pencil can be used
  • Ready to wear in minutes
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Weatherproof and tear proof
  • Great value - 2 tags per pack!

FasTags Pet ID

Cat ID Tags, FasTags Pet ID (Click to enlarge)
FasTags Pet ID   Price: $6.95

FasTags Pet IDs offer fun, colorful do-it-yourself pet tags ready to be hung on your kitty's collar in just 5 minutes! Simply write your pet's name and contact information on the large pliable plastic tag using a permanent marking, pop it in the oven for 5 minutes, and watch the tag shrink down to a small hard density. The lettering is covered with a protective adhesive so it won't rub off.

All prices are indicative US prices at June 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

The Cat Connection - Buddy Cat ID tags and FasTags pet ID can be bought online here. Delivers to the USA.

Doctors Foster & Smith - The 14k gold-plated cat face name tag featured on this page can be purchased online from this website. Delivers to the USA.

Amazon - The cat safety reflective pet ID tag can be bought here. Delivers to the USA.

Cat Face Name Tag

Cat ID Tags, Cat Face Nametag (Click to enlarge)
Cat face name tag
Price: $5.99

These 14k gold-plated cat ID tags are deeply engraved and will retain their shape and appearance through everyday conditions. Includes an S-hook.

Cat Safety Reflective Pet ID Tag

Cat ID Tags, Cat Safety Reflective Pet ID Tag (Click to enlarge)
Cat safety reflective ID tag
Price: $8.95

Rugged and quiet, these popular plastic tags are available in enough shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any pet. They have a color-matched SCOTCHLITE coating to make them highly reflective at night and are laser engraved for readability and durability. Recommended sizes: Small - for pets up to 16 lbs, Medium - for pets 17-25 lbs, Large - for pets 26 lbs and over.

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