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Cat tag
Cat tag

Engraved cat tag (Click to enlarge)
Engraved cat tag

Fancy cat collar (Click to enlarge)
Fancy cat collar

A small site about cat tags and collars. There are pages devoted to cat collars, cat ID tags, personalized cat collar, fancy cat collars, safe cat collars, designer cat collars, rhinestone cat collars and pewter cat tags.

Cat Tags

The average cat collar is a small band of material which fixes together to form a loop around the neck of a domestic animal of the feline variety. Some owners buy their cats collars as a fashion accessory but most owners just wish to have some form of visual identification (rather than just micro chipping) in case their cat becomes lost or run over, or to make sure that the neighbourhood knows the cat is owned.

Cat Tags, Cat Collar (Click to enlarge)
Cat collars let people know that a cat has an owner

An important factor to consider when choosing a cat collar is safety. Collars can be potentially harmful to cats if they become snagged or caught on a fence or a branch. You can buy collars made with an expandable elastic link that lets your cat slip free if his collar becomes caught. Other collars are designed to incorporate a "breakaway" feature: a clasp that opens when pulled hard so your cat won't be strangled if it catches its collar on something.

There is an amazing array of different cat collars available on the market and many are aimed at owners who want their cats to be at the cutting edge of fashion. Fancy custom made and designer cat collars are all the rage and owners can even buy luxurious jewelled cat collars encrusted with diamonds and rhinestones.

Cat Tags, Diamond Cat Collar (Click to enlarge)
Diamond cat collars are popular

The most important function of standard cat collars is holding identification tags. These cat tags will tell people your cat's name, your name, address, phone number, and even your veterinarian's location, in case an injury should occur. Especially for outdoor cats, who often wander far from home and don't return for dinner, it's important for them to carry ID cat tags. Even indoor cats can escape from an open window and could be returned if they were wearing a collar.

Cat Tags, Cat Id Tag
It is important for cats to wear ID tags

Cat tags come in many different shapes and sizes and are made from materials like pewter, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Cat tags made from metallic materials like these are more durable than plastic ones and your details can be engraved into the tag rather than printed on which can wear off over time.

Cat CollarsCollars - Cat Collars come in different materials and colours and are designed to hold identification tags in case your cat gets lost or injured. Up Country, Buddy Cat, Lupine and Glo Kitty all make a variety of different cat collars.

Cat ID TagsID Tags - Cat ID tags like the Buddy Cat pet ID tag and FasTags pet ID can be marked or engraved with your personalized information and attached to your cat's collar.

Personalized Cat CollarPersonalized Collar - Personalized cat collars from Kitty Collars & SafeTPet will help reunite you with your cat if it happens to get lost. They mean that there's no need for an ID tag which some cats find irritating and can come off.

Fancy Cat CollarFancy Collar - Fancy cat collars like the Golden Coins cat safety collar, King Tut cat safety collar and Alexandria cat safety collar will have everyone casting envious glances at your stylishly attired cat.

Safe Cat CollarsSafe Collars - Safe Cat collars are a brand of breakaway type safety cat collars which have a buckle that is designed to release when a cat's collar gets caught, allowing it to slip free.

Designer Cat CollarsDesigner Collars - Designer cat collars from Pucci Designer Petwear, Glampuss and Kitty Planet will make your cat the envy of your street. Fancy diamond and rhinestone cat collars are just the thing for stylish cats about town!

Rhinestone Cat CollarsRhinestone Collars - Rhinestone cat collars are the luxurious choice if you want your cat to stand out from the crowd. Rhinestone cat collars are available from East Side Collection and Rhinestone Dog Collars.Net.

Pewter Cat TagsPewter Tags - Pewter cat tags like the pewter cat collar charm and the black playful kitten pewter cat tag can be attached to your pets collar. They can be engraved with your details and cat's name to help ID your cat if it goes missing.

Diamond Cat CollarDiamond Collar - Your cat will look like it belongs in a palace with a diamond cat collar. Fancy, designer cat collars with faux diamonds and rhinestones are all the rage and the must have accessory for your favourite feline.

Cat Name TagsName Tags - Cat name tags come in wide range of shapes and sizes and in a variety of materials such as aluminium, gold, pewter and brass. Your cat's name as well your details can usually be engraved on one or both sides.

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Pet Tags - A large selection of cat tags can found at this website. International delivery available.

wiseGEEK - Some useful information about cat collars.

Rhinestone cat collar (Click to enlarge)
Rhinestone cat collar

Designer cat collar (Click to enlarge)
Designer cat collar

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